A countertop system is mostly used by people who do not want to mess with the plumbing -- for example, renters of apartments and offices or homeowners who intend to move soon.

Reverse Osmosis systems purify water so slowly that they normally come with a tank. As a result, the system can be trickling water out 24 hours a day (if necessary) so you can wake up with a full tank of purified water every morning.

On the other hand, a countertop system does not come with a tank, so you have to be patient while the water trickles out to fill up your glass. One way around this is to fill up a 2 or 3 gallon jug of water so when you or a member of your family wants a glass of water, it's already waiting in the jug. We sell 2 gallon jugs with a spigot for $10.

There is a lever on the connection to the faucet so you can have regular tap water or R.O. water.


      Although we don't sell complete reverse osmosis systems for your boat, if you need replacement sea water membranes, filters, or housings, we carry them.   Here are our prices on membranes. Please send us an e-mail message for prices on other components.


FilmTec Size:(inches) Flow Rate
Part Number Diameter x Length GPD Price

SW30-2514 2.5 x 14 100   150.00
SW30HR-2514 no longer made * *
SW30-2521 2.5 x 21 200 158.00
SW30HR-2521 no lnger made * *
SW30-2540 2.4 x 40 540 203.00
SW30HR-2540 no longer made * *
SW30-4021 3.9 x 21 600 315.00
SW30HR-4021 no longer made * *
SW30-4040 3.9 x 40 1500 495.00
SW30HR-4040 no longer made *

  For prices on larger sea water membranes, please send us an e-mail message.
Refrigerator Filter
As we mentioned elsewhere, if you have a Reverse Osmosis system in your home, you can install a plastic tee in the tubing going to the faucet and run additional tubing to your refrigerator.

However, if the layout of your home makes this impractical, many people install a simple carbon filter on the water running to their refrigerator. You can use an Omnipure 10" carbon filter for this purpose, which comes encapsulated in its own housing and connects to 1/4" tubing. It looks like this:

This will improve the taste and odor of tap water by removing chlorine, organic chemicals, and everything else which is larger than 5 microns in size. It is good for 1500 gallons of chlorinated water or 1 year, whichever comes first. (For example, if you use 5 gallons of water per day, you would need to change it in 300 days.) If your water is extremely high in total dissolved solids, it might get clogged sooner.

The price is $15.00 plus postage. (No handling fee.) Please specify whether you are replacing an existing filter or not. (If not, we will also need to send you fittings.)