The total price for our H2RO System is $299         

This price does not include tax and/or shipping.   If you are interested in purchasing a system, send an e-mail message with your name, street address, and phone number.  We will ship it via UPS (sorry, we do not accept credit cards), and you should receive your order within one to five business days, depending upon your location.

Need a more productive membrane?  Our system normally comes with a 36 gpd membrane. You can substitute:
          - a 50 gpd membrane for $10 extra. 
          - a 75 gpd membrane for $20 extra. (This comes with a special capillary restrictor tube.)
          - a 100 gpd membrane for $30 extra. (This comes with a special capillary restrictor tube.)

Need a larger or smaller tank? You can substitute a larger or smaller tank for the 3.2 gallon one which comes with our system, and we will give you a $60 credit towards the purchase price for other tank sizes.

Prefer a colored faucet? You can substitute a White, Almond, Red, Brass, Brown, Black, or Stainless Steel faucet for the Chrome one which comes with the system for an additional $10.

Need a tee connector to run a line to your refrigerator water dispenser or ice maker? Just let us know, and we'll send you one for free.

   <B><CENTER>WELL WATER</A></CENTER></B>>/TITLE> <BR> <BR> <BR><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <HEAD> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <HEAD> <TITLE>Well Water         If your water is drawn from a well: it probably has some bacteria in it.  However, for most people, their immune system can handle a small amount of bacteria.  If you are drinking the water now and merely want purer water, you could install a regular reverse osmosis system under your sink or in your basement.

        Secondly, if your water has a normal amount of Total Dissolved Solids (i.e., 500 or less), you need at least 40 p.s.i. of water pressure. 

        One of the functions of a carbon pre-filter is to screen out chlorine.  Because of this, some dealers don't sell a carbon pre-filter for well water applications.  However, another important function of a carbon pre-filter is to screen out organic chemicals and to serve as a "safety net" for what the sediment pre-filter fails to catch.  The best way to preserve the life of the membrane (which is the big ticket item in your system) is to do a good job at cleaning your water before it hits the membrane.  Thus, we recommend the carbon pre-filter even on well applications.